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I visited London earlier this year with my family. We went there in the first week of January and stayed in Central London for about a week. London during the winter is greyish, damp and moody.  A local said that the weather in London is like 70% cloudy, with the other 30% being cold, sunny, hot and humid, and rain.

The Shard, London.

The tallest tower in the picture is called The Shard, which is the tallest building in Europe. Londoners said to not bother with the London Eye if you want a bird's eye view of the city, just climb up The Shard - it's twice as high and instead of 1/2 an hour you can spend as much time up there as you want. 

But both options are expensive, a more economical alternative would be to climb The Monument which only costs £3.00


A local said that the weather in London is like 70% cloudy, with the other 30% being cold, sunny, hot and humid, and rain.


Tower Bridge,London.

This is Tower Bridge. People often mistaken this for London Bridge which is another bridge nearby. This is undoubtably an iconic symbol of London.

We decided to walk on the Tower Bridge to go to the other side. No objectives, no rush - just a slow stroll to enjoy the view of London.

Walking On Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge is a very vertical structure so I had my head look upward most of the time. It has such an imposing architecture.

The bridge took 8 years from 1886-1894 to be completed with a workforce of 5 major contractors and 432 construction workers.


One thing of note is that shooting at night is extremely difficult to the decreased amount of light availabe. I had to increase my camera's ISO level which results in very obvious artifacts and noises in most photos in this entry. For the whole London trip I took pictures with my tried and tested Fuji X100. 

It was kind of chilly actually. The temperature's not that low but the wind, man the wind just seems to be able to sweep right into your bones.


London Hydrogen Bus

We fetched a bus nearby and payed using our Oyster card - which is absolutely essential if you were to get anywhere in London, be it by bus or train (or tube as the Londoners call it).


Here's a bus tip. If you were only to use buses (and not the Tube or any other kind of public transport), then your total fare is capped at £4.40. So if you think that you are going to take more than three rides on the bus in any one day, you'll essentially be travelling for free.

Our house in London is located just a stone's throw away from Euston Underground Railway Station.

e're taking a tube to Knighsbridge for dinner. You'll find out where soon enough.


Using a tube is so expensive, but the system is so well maintained. There's a train leaving and arriving to various other stations in London every 1-2 minutes and somehow they make it work so well. Hats off to them.

Londoners don't seem to mind much about what you do, even if its obvious that you are a tourist. People say that for a fun London experience go on the tube at rush hour and try standing on the wrong side of the escalator or try failing to work the turnstile - it brings out the happy in people.

Very near to Knightsbridge Station where we descended is Harrods, perhaps the most luxurious shopping centre in the world. We're going there - but not today. 

Where we are going, for dinner of course, is to the fifth floor of a department store called Harvey Nichols to eat some lobsters.


Burger & Lobster 01

Burger & Lobster.
Fifth Floor Harvey Nichols
109 - 125 Knightsbridge London
Nearest station: Knightsbridge

My sister raved and raved and raved about this place, saying that this is the restaurant to go in I was surprised at how narrow the restaurant's menu is with only 3 items - burger, a whole lobster & lobster roll. 

Burger & Lobster 3

Most here come to have a taste of the restaurant's whole lobster set and after tasting it, it would be a waste not too.


Burger & Lobster 2

The interior is very simple, though the tables are quite near to each other. I was told that the restaurant is almost always full and queuing for a table is normal. Thankfully there were a few empty tables when we came so we were able to order our dishes straight away. If the tables' are full, you can reserve your order and they'll give you a call when there's any vacancy.


We ordered fruit cocktails for our drink. Nothing too special.

Burger & Lobster - 07.jpg

Here's our lobster set, which costs 20 Pounds. The other 2 menus are also priced the same. The lobster was served with garlic butter, fries and salad. The salad was a bit sour too my liking but the lobster, man - I love it. It tastes kinda like a mixture of tiger prawn and crab. The texture was soft and juicy but not too soft, you can munch it a bit before consuming it. It tastes a bit buttery too.


For those wondering how to eat it afraid not, since the chefs will crack the shells a little bit, and you can easily extract the meat of the lobster with a fork. I forgot to mention that when ordering this you can either choose the lobster to be grilled or steamed. I chose the former whereas my sisters chose the later. 

But there's not that much of a difference in taste between the 2 though.


Burger & Lobster - 15.jpg

I highly recommend everyone to dine at this place. We met a Malaysian family just coming in when we payed the bills. Mom chatted with them for a little while and I took that time to wander around the restaurant to take photos. The restaurant's bigger than I thought.


Scroll on the gallery of photos above for more pictures of the restaurant. All in all Burger & Lobster is very well worth it.

London Eye at night

The London Eye - now one of the city's most famous tourist attraction.

Ferris Wheel London

Back in the year 2000 when it was still called the Millenium Eye, it was considered as the tallest ferris wheel in the world. As of this writing it has been surpassed not once, but thrice and is now the fourth tallest in the world.

But it is still Europe's tallest ferris wheel at the moment.

Not that we planned on riding it or anything, but a ticket can cost near £20.00 per person for a 30 minute ride. Buying 6 of these tickets are expensive. Scroll for more pictures.

A street musician nearby was playing a very nice rendition of the Beetles' Here Comes The Sun. Speaking of the Beatles, a Londoner said to go to Abbey Road to regularly see tourists almost get hit by cars everyday.

We dropped several pennies to the musician for his performance.

Thing is you can see and hear all these talented street musicans everywhere in London. I came across a black musician with an awesome voice when I was on my way to Camden via tube, and also saw a band performing under the bright night of Covent Garden.

Moving on. On the left is the London Marriott County Hall Hotel.


Whereas on the right you can get a perfect view of the Big Ben. The tower's official name, given in 2012 is actually the Elizabeth Tower.

We are now walking on Westminster Bridge. Including this one there are 12 bridges crossing over the Thames in central London. If you were to count all of London, there's a grand total of 33 of them bridges.

Here we can see London Eye in all of its glory.

Here's a trivia, The Big Ben was built to replace the Old Palace of Westminster, which was destroyed by fire in October 1834. Most consider The Big Ben as the most iconic building in London.

ight in front of Big Ben is Westmister Station. But there's one more place that we want to go before calling it a night. The thing with travelling is whatever you do try not to plan too much during the trip, most of the time things take longer than you expect them to take. It's much nicer to give yourself plenty of time to just enjoy being in the environment and taking it all in rather than rushing to fill out all the checklist.


Our last place is unique since it's not really a place at all, rather it's an area of administration. Here's City of London - a city within a city. It is widely referred to as just "The City".

The City's size is only one and a half square kilometres, but it has its own police force, the City of London Police, separate from London's Metropolitan Police. This dragon statue mark denotes the boundary between London and The City.

I end my post with this long exposure shot I took by putting my camera on the barricade in front of Marriott County Hall. I had no tripod so this was the best that I could do.