I'm doing an entry with very few words today. All these pictures were taken a day after Aidiladha back in October. 


Don't worry the kid wasn't hurt at all, he had a soft landing on the ground. He immediately stood back up, had a quick glance at his knees, smiled when he noticed nothing was wrong and continued fake fighting.


They were shouting all sorts of attacks from their favourite TV shows.


Imagination is a powerful thing.


Meanwhile near a dozen of cars were coming in. It was raining a little bit.


Turns out the house next door had were waiting for their bride to come. This small ceremony was like the sweetest thing ever.


I brought my 2 little cousins to a nearby river stream. The place was very near and we could walk there but they wanted to go there by car and so I did.


Jump in Nurin. She's 4 years old.


Afifi meanwhile wanted to catch fishes and prawns using his lattice box.


"Abaam tengok ni, Cupi dapat tangkap udang kecik tengok ni!!" Afifi exclaimed. He managed to secure 2-3 very small prawns, but he let them go afterwards.


"2 minit lagi boleh Abaam?" No can't do Nurin, we have to go home now. ^__^