Melantak Steakhub, Melaka

Melantak Steakhub follows along the like of Menate and Projek Maging in bringing imported halal meat to steak lovers in Malaysia.


The choice of Grain fed, Grass Fed, Angus and Wagyu are stored and displayed inside a refrigerator without being frozen - which we called chilled meat.


Wagyu beef can cost upward to RM15o but they do taste good. I did not taste the one in here but I've tasted one when I was in London. The meat really does melt in your mouth.


The advantage of this method is that it preserves the quality of fresh meat while reducing the growth of bacteria. In benefit this can also suppress a possibility of food poisoning.


The price shown on the packaging includes  side dishes such as coleslaw and mashed potato.


The mashed potato was good. The coleslaw could have been better though. The sauce was very very nice.


Instead of mashed potato, I opted for asparagus instead. Asparagus really blends well with steak. Very healthy too. This costs not more than RM40.00

My medium rare came out exactly as I ordered.


Fries - RM5.00

Fries - RM5.00

Not sure if these are imported or hand cut at the restaurant.


For RM2.00 you can top up these drinks as much as you like.


They also have another branch at Klebang.


I've been here 3 times and two of them are during the night. It was almost full each time.


Overall this was a good and actually affordable steak experience. For those not wanting beef or lamb, they also have chicken, burgers, salmon and squid on their menu.

No. 12, Jalan KPKS 1
Kompleks Perniagaan Kota Syahbandar
75200 Melaka

Waze/Google Maps : Melantak Steak Hub

Business Hours: 12:00 - 00.00
Closed on Wednesday