Amphawa Boat Noodle, Johor Bharu

Amphawa Boat Noodle has been around in Johor for quite sometime actually. However they are always being confused with another boat noodle shop so much that, Amphawa Boat Noodle actually posted on their Facebook Page to not confuse between the two shops.

The confusion stems from the two shops being in close proximity with one another at Taman Sutera, Johor Bharu.


Amphawa opened another branch in JB at the very strategic Jalan Dhoby.


The interior is cozy enough. I quite liked the small fountain on the ground floor just facing the counter. It really sets the mood for the place.


A brief history on these boat noodles, it goes way back when Ayutthaya was Thailand's capital, an age where the Kingdom of Siam prospered and places were travelled via rivers and not roads.


Trades and barters back then were done on boats, and overtime essentially creating various floating markets. Amphawa was one of them famous floating markets. Some locals started selling these noodles in small bowls, for convenience to the merchants.


Overtime during the 1940s , Thailand faced a rice supply crisis. To overcome this the government suggested for noodle consumption instead. This led birth to an amalgam of noodle based dishes fused with Thai flavours.


Perhaps the most fascinating thing about the original type of boat noodle is that cow's blood is the main ingredient, which gives the soup its trademark burgundy color. 

Fret not as the soup here are modified and halal certified.


I came here with my sister whom was craving for some Pulut Mangga.  We heard that their serving here is quite good.


Aphawa - 11.jpg

It was very nice actually. 


Boat Noodle - - 1 (6).jpg

This Pulut Mangga (Mango Sticky Rice) costs RM9.90 per dish.


While my sister was savoring her dessert, I ordered for a bowl of Coconut Ice Cream. I can't for the life of me remember the price of this dish but it was tasty too. Sangkaya's coconut ice cream is a tad bit better in my opinion.


This Kerabu Sotong is so nice. If you like Tomyam then you will like this. Its very sour with a tinge of lemongrass and chili. Again, can't remember the price.

These are the boat noodles. The flavors can either be the strong Amphawa broth, the herbal Rangsit broth, or the true and tested Tomyam broth.

Each bowl costs RM1.90. Meat or chicken, rice or glass noodles - it's up to you. I just ordered each of every kind.


The small and inexpensive price for these are the reason why you can see towers of bowls on social media.


Gather 4-5 friends and stack up those bowls. I will come again.

Amphawa Boat Noodle Downtown
No.32, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee
Bazar Karat
Johor Bahru

Waze | Google Maps: Amphawa Boat Noodle Downtown