Flower In The Window, Johor Bharu

Flowers In The Window is a nature themed cafe - with a vibe of an old but well managed flower shop, with a tinge of a friendly neighborhood bakery. 


The team behind this cafe are a group of fashion designers whom had successfully owned various other cafes in Johor Bharu as well.


If you have been to any of their shops such as Bev C and See & Saw, you'll know how creative and eye pleasing their cafe designs are.


Pan Fried Salmon with Cous-cous Superfood Salad - RM24.00

Pan Fried Salmon with Cous-cous Superfood Salad - RM24.00

Aside from the salmon, eggs and cous-cous, this is all vegetables and flowers.


The green sauce is really tasty. I wish the portion of cous-cous was larger than what was given.


This one's my favourite. The bread, salmon, vegetables just blend so well together. Try this.


Seafood Tagliatelle Pasta RM26.00

Seafood Tagliatelle Pasta RM26.00

They are very generous with the amount of pasta and prawn here. A serving of this can probably feed 2 people. The paste was so thick, so tasty.


Miso Beef Stew With Sourdough Bread - RM25.00

Miso Beef Stew With Sourdough Bread - RM25.00

One thing that I can comment about this dish is the bread tastes really, really good. 


The second floor. I was told that you can dine at the balcony too.


The second floor interior is a weird but harmonic fusion of leftover barn items and a gardening store . Expect 80's style wooden chairs, beat-up-but-still -comfortable-sofas, a bicycle and a cabinet of worn out toys.


Can't remember the name of these 3 drinks though. But the middle was definitely lemonade.


Coconut Water - RM15.90

Coconut Water - RM15.90

The coconut water was added with long slices of cucumber and edible chrysanthemum ice cubes. It doesn't taste as weird as it sounds. The cucumber does not empower the drink at all. 

The cappucino was as good as you would expect.


You can scroll on the menu by clicking on the arrow above.


This cafe with its innovative menu and environment makes you want to revisit it again. I've been here twice already.


Amidst the many cafes at Jalan Dhoby, this definitely stood out. A must visit.


Flower in the Window Café
9 Jalan Dhoby
80000 Johor Bahru

Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday 10:00AM – 10:00PM
Closed on Tuesday