Hong Kong | 02 - Muslim Food Guide

It's actually quite hard to find Halal Food in Hong Kong. We googled prior to our trip and can only find around 15 halal restaurants. Below are guides that can hopefully aid you in your trip.

Wai Kee Duck Rice
No 5 Cooked Food Centre
1st Floor, Bowrington Road Market

10.00am - 6.00pm
Price: 30-60 HKD per meal (RM15-30)

Wai Kee is perhaps the most famous halal restaurant in Hong Kong, famous for their Peking Duck and curry mutton.

We were told by the surrounding locals that this place is packed with halal eaters during lunch hour.


It took a while for us to find the place because everything in Hong Kong is packed. We stumbled upon a halal grocery store just outside of the mall and a kind gentleman showed us the location to the place.


Are the food any good? All of us ordered their famous duck rice and all of us agreed that it was worth the money. You can't really compare it to a Malaysian or Hainanese  chicken rice since the taste is so different, but the way the cooked the duck and making it crispy and juicy at the same time is amazing.

We did not order the curry mutton though. Heard that some prefer it more than the duck rice. Our duck rice lacked color because the shop owner said that all vegetables are sold out that day.


This place is honestly not for everyone mainly due to it not being very clean and tidy. The restaurant is situated in a mall with all sorts of vendors and being the only halal outlet in that mall, it can get quite uncomfortable to eat - for example we shared a table with 2 locals whom are enjoying beer and pork.

It adds to the experience I guess but if I were to bring my mum here, she'll never ever eat at this place.


It adds to the experience I guess but if I were to bring my mum here, she'll never ever eat at this place.


Ma's Restaurant
Shop A, 21-25
Cheung Sha Wan Road

Price: HKD20.00-200.00 (RM10.00-100.00)

Their signature dish is the Veal Goulash, essentially minced beef, wrapped in pastry. It was so good. Reviews online said this shop can survive selling this dish alone and I whole heartedly agree with that.


We took a taxi to go here. If you were to walk the nearest train station is MTR Prince Edward which is a 5 minute walk away.


I believe this style of interior design language is called Cha Chan Teng.


As good as the Veal Goulash was, this dish right here in my opinion was the meal of the day - of the entire trip even. I'm doing this dish an injustice here because I can't seem to remember the name of the dish.


What I liked about this place is that the waiters here are proficient in English, the place looks very clean and service was fast and commendable.

If you have a limited budget and can only visit one Halal restaurant in Hong Kong, by all means come here. Highly recommended.

Fresh Juice
Nathan Road
Hong Kong

Along the streets of Hong Kong are many fresh juice stall. This reminds me of the various fresh juice stall in Egypt which I lived for close to seven years.


Along the streets of Hong Kong are many fresh juice stall.

Omotesando Koffee
G24-25, Lee Tung Ave
200 Queen’s Rd East
Tel: 852 2601 3323
Daily: 10.00am – 10.00pm
Nearest MTR Station: Wan Chai

Omotesando - 5.jpg

For a coffee shop, Omotesando has a fascinating origin. It first started as a tiny shop in the Omotesando district in Tokyo. The shop was hard to find, but somehow it grew in popularity that coffee lovers came from all over the world to have a taste at this tiny place. The old tiny shop couldn't handle the popularity and the owner closed shop in 2015.

But Omotesando left such a mark that the owner decided to open up a new outlet not in Japan, but Hong Kong instead.


This shop is minimalistic design at its best. The cube design is to mimic the traditional Japanese tea ceremony - one barista to serve one customer.


The baristas are all Japanese mind you and their philosophy of creating coffee is fascinating and romantic. They aim to replicate kishotenketsu - the four part structure in Japanese literature where every story has a beginning, development, twist and conclusion.


The first sip of coffee, the second and third all tastes differently, and they gave a sense of story and conclusion on their own. You can read the thoughts of the owner, Eiichi Kunitomo here. Its well worth a read.


Banana Coffee - HKD 65

Banana Coffee - HKD 65

Iced Cappuccino - HKD 52

Iced Cappuccino - HKD 52

The drinks here are crazy expensive. Their most famous drink is the cappuccino which was so good. Everything just feels and tastes right.