Melaka | Masjid Air Barok, Jasin

In the unassuming town of Jasin, lies a mosque which celebrated its 100 year anniversary this year. Masjid Air Barok was built in the year 1916/1917 from the efforts of Datuk Demang Haji Abu bin Ujang.


He inherited this piece of land from his grandfather, Datuk Senara whom originally came from Pagar Ruyung, Sumatera. His grandfather was among the forefather of Jasin.


When he inherited the land, Datuk Demang Haji Abu along with his cousin Tuan Kadhi Haji Musa bin Ujang, whom was the village's imam at the time began to construct what would then be the village's main mosque.


Of course, building a mosque requires a collective effort. One person, Haji Babu purchased marble tiles from Sumatera - believed to be from the same source of ones being built for the Deli Sultanate Palace in Sumatera.


Time passed and the population grew. What was once a small village became a town and a new mosque was built and completed in 1969 to accommodate the townspeople.


The mosque was abandoned in favour of the new mosque. Religious activities still continued of course, but people kind of focused on the newer and bigger mosque more.


It became a relic of a past era until proactive measures were taken by the National Heritage Department in the year 2000 to conserve the mosque.

In 2002, the Museum and Antiquities Department did restoration work to make it more usable in the modern era.


One defining feature of the mosque, something that we can observe from a far is that the mosque has a lotus-shaped crown on top of the pyramidal roof. 

The roof tiles are made from clay.


This small mosque looks to be having quite a weekly activity.


The interior is a modest square shaped design with an intricately designed mihrab by the end of the room. 


The mosque can hold approximately 700 people at one time.


These rattan boxes are used to hand out Surah Yasin during gatherings, normally on Thursday nights.


Various entrance doors and small windows give a natural ventilation into the mosque's interior spaces.


A view from the back of the qibla wall.


Above are various random photos that you can scroll through to see.


Next time you are in Jasin, have a quick visit to this place. It is not that far off from Bandaraya Melaka either, only a 30km drive from the city.


Masjid Kampung Air Barok
Jasin, Melaka
Waze/Google Maps: Kampung Air Barok

Architecture Style: Sina-Eclectic , Art Deco
Built-up Area: 539m²
Completion Date: 1917
Architect: Datuk Demang Haji Abu bin Ujang & Haji Musa bin Ujang
Capacity: 700 people